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The cStream pump consists of self-made deformable actuators, which allows a fluid transportation like the esophagus.

The natural approach eliminates the need for heavy and large conventional pump components, such as electric engines or complex valve systems.
With our extremely efficient and compact pump we change the world by saving battery power, reducing weight of mobile products further more, the technology offers new product ideas and design possibilities.

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Higher Energy Efficiency

The movement of the actuator imitates the movements of the esophagus, significantly less abrasion and bearing resistance occur compared to conventional pumps.

Higher Application Frequency

The actuators react much faster to changes than the motors currently used for the pumps, thus enabling more adaptable processes.

Reduced Weight and Volume

2 in 1 product: The actuator is engine and transport geometry combined in one.

Higher Dosing Accuracy

Like the esophagus also the cStream pump creates fluid chambers. The chambers of a cStream pump can be controlled in different ways instead of static chambers in conventional pumps.

Fields of Application

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Medical Technology


Pumping liquids of any viscosity is of great importance for dosing tasks in pharmaceutical technology. Special dosing accurate filling processes of viscous ointments, gels or low viscous pharmaceutical liquids in tubes or glass vessels are significantly improved and more efficient with the cStream technology.

Decentralized Vacuum System


The high power density of the cStream PAM pump provides an optimal solution for a decentralized vacuum system for gripper system operators. The flat cStream pumps are mounted on the gripping device in the construction-critical application area. This new self-sufficient product solution saves the end user the integration of an energy-inefficient central compressed air generation system including the necessary supply lines to the consumer points.

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Filling plant


Due to the high dosing accuracy of the cStream pump, materials consisting of two or more components are combined with a much more precise mixing ratio. In addition, our pump offers quick and efficient intervention in the mixing ratio, which makes the mixing process much more agile and adaptable than previous methods.

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